Doctor by day – Blogger by night

Welcome to my visual diary! I’m so grateful to have you here to join me on my journey. My name is Anna, and I’m the founder of this blog I decided to name Arctic Vanilla. Here, you’ll get to read about bits and pieces of my favorite things in everyday life. The main purpose of this blog is to capture everything beautiful around me – from sunflowers and snowflakes to sequins and skinny jeans.

I see myself as a wanderlust but at the same time feel most at home in Helsinki, Finland. I work as a medical doctor by day and a blogger by night and, with this blog, aim to balance the demanding daytime job with everything beautiful, inspirational and chic. Eventually all the dots will connect. To conclude this brief introduction, I’d like to thank you for your continued support! xo

Salty liquorice, first snow, champagne moments, sauna, pink peonies, photography, beach days, smoothie bowls, my bag collection, ripped jeans, chill evenings watching movies, sparkle sticks, freckles, miniskirts, all hats in general, hot cocoa, no make-up days, statement earrings and, of course, my family, fiancé and gang of girlfriends

Thankful For



I value your opinion and would love to hear your thoughts. So, feel free to leave a question or a proposal for a post in the comments section – I’d be glad to put your ideas and wishes into action.

Talk to you soon!