December 1, 2014



Back from Paris! - Pic 1, 5.0

Greetings from autumnal Paris! As I am writing this, the time is half past seven in the morning, and I really gotta hurry to get to work on time. Just wanted to stop by and say  a quick hello. Our vacation in Paris was so lovely, missing it already. Lots of posts we shot in Paris coming up later, including some outfit pictures, naturally. Have a great week peeps!

Terveisiä syksyisestä Pariisista! Kello on tätä kirjoittaessani puoli kahdeksan aamulla, ja jotta ehtisin ajoissa töihin, tämä taitaa nyt jäädä tällaiseksi pikaiseksi tervehdykseksi teille. Pariisin loma oli vallan ihana ja ikimuistoinen, siitä tulossa lisää juttua myöhemmin. Asupostauksia tietystikään unohtamatta. Oikein paljon tsemppiä alkavan viikon haasteisiin!

Accidental Icon 21:20 December 1, 2014 Reply
Can't wait to see your Paris outfits. Isn't it challenging at times to have a demanding job and and another life as a blogger? How do you manage? Would love some advice. Accidental Icon
    arcticvanilla 15:59 December 7, 2014 Reply
    Hey! Those are some tricky questions. ;) Gotta admit that I'm quite sleep-deprived at times but I can't help it. I love both worlds - medicine and fashion, that is. It's such a cliché but loving what you do is key. xx, Anna
Deb 18:35 December 2, 2014 Reply
Glad you had a wonderful time.....looking forward to seeing the photos....and any fashion purchases. Have a good day at work.
    arcticvanilla 16:02 December 7, 2014 Reply
    Great, I'm actually looking forward to showing the Paris pictures to you. And I did make some shopping while in Paris, pictures are coming soon! Have a happy Sunday Deb!
the style crusader 21:15 December 4, 2014 Reply
Stunning photo. I love your earring and those trousers! So chic. xx
    arcticvanilla 16:03 December 7, 2014 Reply
    Thank you for the love, sweetie!

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