Generally speaking, skulls are not part of my day-to-day style. But as I spotted this rosegold pendant in Bik Bok store the other day, I had to make an exception to the rule. In my opinion, that rosegold colour and the miniskull form such a cute and interesting combination, and I had no choice but to carry the necklace to the cashier. Decided to start the week off with this quick update, tomorrow I'll return with another outfit-related post that's a bit longer, I promise! Yleisesti ottaen pääkallot eivät kuulu tyyliini. Kuitenkin bongattuani Bik Bokin koruhyllyllä tämän ruusukultaisen riipuksen jouduin tekemään sääntöön poikkeuksen. Kaulakor ... READ MORE
Since quite a long time here in Helsinki, we have been fortunate enough to get to enjoy sunny weather today. How lovely is that? I myself haven't quite been feeling so sunny as this cold I mentioned earlier still has a hold on me. Täällä Helsingissä paistaa pitkästä aikaa aurinko, ja pilvien välistä näkyy kaistale sinistä taivasta. Ihanaa. Olotila ei kuitenkaan ole se kaikkein aurinkoisin, vaan typerä flunssavirus pitää edelleen tätä tyttöä aika hyvin otteessaan. Shades - Ray-Ban Jeans - H&M Blazer & scarf - Zara Bag - Alma by Louis Vuitton Tonight the plan was to celebrate two of my friends who are throwing a birthday party t ... READ MORE
Hey peeps! Here's a few snapshots I would like to share with you, I've taken these photos during the last few weekends that have gone by. This week, I've been feeling a little under the weather which can quite well be noticed in the recent lack of posts here on Arctic Vanilla. Rather sooner than later, as I will bounce back from the flu, the blog will be updated as usual. Really looking forward to that! The last two weekends I have spent celebrating in different wedding-related events. Last weekend, my charming friend and his fiancé got married which we celebrated with a three-course dinner in a lovely, Michelin-star restaurant here in Helsin ... READ MORE
Without no further ado, here is the outfit I promised you yesterday which you got a little foretaste of in the previous post. Naturally, I've also written the outfit details in this post and you'll be able to find them below. Tässä sen pidemmittä puheitta teille eilen lupailemani asu, josta siis jo yhden kuvan verran esimakua saatiinkin. Asupostauksen tuotetiedot olen tietysti kirjoittanut postaukseen myöskin, ja ne löydät alempaa. Heels - Aldo Bag - Rebecca Minkoff Top & ripped jeans - H&M Lipstick - Lady Danger by M.A.C. Nailpolish - Fifth Avenue by Essie Wishbone necklace - Jennifer Zeuner READ MORE
Here's an outfit we photographed this weekend. When it comes to this printed tunic, I adore the cute cut, not to mention its versatility. At the store the lovely saleslady pondered how the tunic goes so well with both high heels and even sneakers or boots for a more casual look (okay, it's pretty much in their job description). Still, I couldn't agree more. Tässä viikonlopuna kuvattua päivän asua. Ihastuin kuvissa näkyvään printtitunikaan sen hauskan leikkauksen ja monikäyttöisyyden vuoksi. Kaupassa myyjäkin hehkutti (okei, se on niiden työtä), miten tunika sopii ihanasti niin korkkareiden kuin arkisempien tennareiden tai bootsienkin kanssa. ... READ MORE
Even though fall was, at one stage of my life at least, my favorite season, longing for a sunny holiday in the autumn time usually is what ends up happening. Despite the fact that I enjoy my work and all the related everyday routines very much, a short vacation under the sun would be more than welcome. Vaikka syksy oli, jossain vaiheessa ainakin suosikkivuodenaikani, ja nautin suuresti työstäni sekä arkipäivän rutiineista, kuuluu lomalle haikailu syyssäillä kai asiaan. Kun ulkona sataa eikä hämärä väisty valon tieltä päivälläkään, olisi lyhytkin täsmäisku aurinkoon enemmän kuin tervetullut. Here I've collected some of my favorite travel-r ... READ MORE
Day cream - Kiehl's, Ultra light daily UV defense. Perfume - Lancôme, La vie est belle. Nailpolish remover - Mavala, Extra mild nailpolish remover. Lip balm - Biotherm, Beurre de lèvres. Hairspray - Balmain, Session spray strong. Facial scrub - Lancôme, Exfoliance confort. Perfume - Miss Dior chèrie. Eye cream - Avène, Soothing eye contour cream. Moisturizer - Clinique, Anti-blemish solutions. Here's some great beauty products that I constantly find myself buying as the previous package has run out. I think I've already mentioned the Kiehl's day cream here on the blog, as this skin protecting moisturizer is quite a recent addition in my bath ... READ MORE
Hope you all have had a lovely beginning for a new week! Here's a preview on an outfit we shot yesterday. Did you guys have a great weekend? We spent our Saturday night playing sing star with a bunch of our closest friends. I think it was up to 2 years since the last time playing the singing game and, as far as I'm concerned, the lack of practice was pretty much obvious. Ehdoton sing star -bravuurini on Natalie Imbruglian Torn, kappaletta ei kuitenkaan tällä kertaa löytynyt biisivalikoimasta. Loistavassa seurassa aika kuluu nopeasti, niin tälläkin kertaa. Suurkiitos P ja M tämän syksyisen piristyksen järjestämisestä! Ihanaa viikonalkua kaiki ... READ MORE