"Earth laughs in flowers" is a quote by an american poet called Ralph Waldo Emerson (I'm impressed if you've heard about this guy before). Looking at these pictures, I understand exactly what he meant and couldn't agree more. I'm not sure if you still remember my "Lavender fields forever" post I wrote you a couple of weeks ago, or not. Either way, these pictures were snapped the same day when we were drinving from the town of Valensole back to the blue coast, Côte d'azur that is. I think I'll remember these gorgeous sceneries for the rest of my life. It's still baking hot here in Finland, but we luckily managed to get our hands on a fan. And ... READ MORE
If only I could teleport myself in time back into these forever memorable moments. Fortunately, thermometers in Helsinki have been showing 30 celsius degrees in the sun, and for once we haven't been been freezing in our homes and offices. Here's some outfit photos we shot in Cannes. Voisinpa jotenkin teleporttautua menneisyyteen ja takaisin kuvissa näkyviin hetkiin. Onneksi Helsingissäkin lämpömittarit ovat tänään paukkuneet, eikä ole tarvinnut kotona tai vastaanottohuoneessa ainakaan hytistä. Tässä siis Cannesin helteessä kuvattu päivän asu, olkaapa hyvät. Ruutuhame on Mangon viime kevään mallistoa. The check skirt belongs to Mango's col ... READ MORE
Well hello! I wanted to share some of these lovely pictures with you. The photos were snapped while we were waiting for our ride in the lobby of our hotel in Nice. Some of you, my dear readers, have asked me about the the specific itinerary of our roadtrip, and that's one thing I'm going to share with you in this post. Our trip started at the biggest city on the French Riviera. After spending three days exploring Nice, we rented a car to drive to Cannes and also stopped by the village of Antibes on our way the city of the famous film festival. While holding our base in Cannes, we paid a day visit to the lovely Saint-Tropez. From Saint-Tropez ... READ MORE
Our lovely after-work with friends ended up lasting longer than expected, which is why I didn't have quite enough time to write this Monaco-post yesterday. Nonetheless, now it's time to say goodbye to the beautiful lilliput state with these final pictures, I hope you enjoy! I've always been in love with hot food. When dining at any sushirestaurant, it's really not uncommon to find me asking for additional wasabi for two, maybe even three times. Monaco did impress us with many aspects, but the selection of Japanese restaurants wasn't one of them. Maybe it was just that we were tourists and thus not familiar with the best sushirestaurants. Täs ... READ MORE
Hey, hope you have had a happy Monday so far! Here's another outfit post for you These outfit pictures were snapped on the hill called Le Rocher in the vintage quarter of Monaco-Ville, which was the prettiest part of Monaco, in my opinion. Toivottavasti teillä on ollut kiva maanantaipäivä, olittepa töissä tai vielä lomasta nauttimassa. Tässä Le Rocher'n kukkulalla, vanhassa Monaco-Villen kaupunginosassa napsittuja asukuvia, olkaapa hyvät! Shades - Ray-Ban Watch - Michael Kors Dress, bag & shoes - Zara Necklace - Jennifer Zeuner Looking at these pictures, I realize I really miss these carefree, sweltering days consisting mainly of ... READ MORE
When in Nice, we visited the flower market (marché aux fleurs) the second day of us staying there. I guess you readers aren't overtaken by the fact that I couldn't resist snapping some pictures. Those piles of flowers were just too gorgeous! Toisen Nizza-päivämme ohjelmaan kuului vierailu paikallisilla kukkamarkkinoilla (marché aux fleurs). Torilla pysähdyimme ihailemaan toinen toistaan värikkäämpiä ruusukimppuja ja kukka-asetelmia, enkä tietystikään voinut vastustaa houkutusta kaivaa kamera laukun pohjalta. Tässä kuvaushetken lopputulos, olkaa hyvä! The flower market is situated on the street called Cours Saleya in the oldest part of N ... READ MORE
We snapped these outfit photos on the Promenade des Anglais and the main beach in Nice. It was already 9 p.m. and the night was darkening quickly as we started shooting, so I was a bit worried about how the pictures would turn out. In the end, I'm really happy with the result! Nämä asukuvat napsimme Promenade des Anglais -rantakadulla ja pääbiitsillä, upean sinisen "Enkeltenlahden" rannalla Nizzassa. Kello oli ehtinyt vierähtämään muissa jutuissa jo iltayhdeksään, ja pelkäsin auringonlaskusta seuraavan pimeyden hankaloittavan kuvaussessiota. Onneksi näin ei käynyt, ja saimme kuin saimmekin asukuvat otettua ennen auringon painumista horisonti ... READ MORE
Here's the first part of my Nice photo diary. I simply love walking around with my Canon and shooting all the little details that catch my aesthetic eye. Tässä Nizzan kuvapäiväkirjani ensimmäinen osa. Nautin suunnattomasti kaupungin ihmettelemisestä kamera kainalossa, ja pienet, esteettistä silmää miellyttävät yksityiskohdat on aivan pakko pysähtyä tallentamaan filmille, tottakai. The second day we spent in Nice, we walked through the beautiful, legendary flower market, marché aux fleurs. I've actually thought about writing you a separate post about it! When visiting the city, don't skip walking to the hill situated in the eastern part of ... READ MORE