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1.) 5 Inch and Up by Sandra Hagelstam Even though the numbered order doesn't necessarily reflect my personal ranking of the blogs, I gladly chose to begin the listing with the most internationally distinguished Finnish fashion blogs. 5 Inch and Up is definitely among the most professional personal style blogs in Finland. Sandra seems to take everything she does whole-heartedly, and that's one of the reasons I can't wait for the launch of her River Island shoe collection. Vaikkei numerojärjestys tietyn blogin paremmuutta suhteessa toiseen heijastelisikaan, halusin aloittaa listauksen suomalaisella, kansainvälisen tason huippublogeihin kuuluv ...
When visiting my friend's parents' summerhouse, another friend of mine got an idea. Why not wash out the labels of some Happy Joe cider bottles and make them flower vases instead? No sooner said than done, she had put her inventive idea into action. Viettäessämme viikonloppua kaverini vanhempien kesämökillä eräs ystävistäni sai kivan idean. Hän keksi liuottaa Happy Joe -siideripulloista etiketit, keräsi maastosta toinen toistaan suloisempia kukkia ja asetteli ne aikaisemmin pulloina toimineisiin maljakoihin. This was one of the few weekends I had the chance to enjoy the relaxation of the Finnish sauna and also swim in a lake afterwards. I ...
Last Saturday, we had the privilege to celebrate this smart, beautiful girl as she graduated from high school. Their home garden is full of white and pink flowers, and as it is the end of May, the garden was in full bloom. Naturally, we had to take advantage of the wonderful garden, so we snapped  these photos. Lauantaina tämän upean sukulaistyttömme päähän painettiin ylioppilaslakki, jota olimme ylppäreissä mukana juhlistamassa. Tyttöjen kotipuutarhassa kukki valtoimenaan valkeat ja vaaleanpunaiset kukat, emmekä tietysti malttaneet olla nätillä pihalla räpsimättä muutamaa kuvaa. In addition to the recent high-school graduate, you can als ...
Top - Zara Lipstick - Chanel Necklaces - MBMJ & Jennifer Zeuner Today is a special day as this post is my very first here on Arctic Vanilla. So, let's start with the basics. My name is Anna, and I'm living here in Helsinki. I'm a medical student and I've been studying medicine for six years now. Here in Finland medical school actually lasts six years, which means my graduation is approaching soon and I'm gonna be a proper adult in just a few months (I doubt the latter, though). So exciting! My blog isn’t about medicine, however. I created Arctic Vanilla to escape the world of science every once in a while and to enjoy all the wonderful ...