July 14, 2015



Paris Photo Diary 2 - Pic 8Paris Photo Diary 2 - Pic 6 croppedParis Photo Diary 2 - Pic 9

Vaikka meidän lomailu jatkuu täällä Espanjan aurinkorannikolla, palataan vielä hetkeksi Pariisiin. Valojen kaupungista löytyy vielä nimittäin aikamoinen määrä niin asu- kuin muitakin kuvia, jotka haluaisin jakaa teidän kanssanne. Tässä niistä vain murto-osa. Sanokaa sitten hyvissä ajoin, jos meinaatte saada yliannostuksen kukkakuvista, yritän sitten pitää jotain rotia niiden kanssa ja tallentaa muistikortille muutakin kuin ruusuja ja pioneja. Nyt on aika vetää bikinit niskaan, sivellä suojakertoimet iholle ja suunnata rannalle auringonottopuuhiin. Tässähän alkaa hiljalleen päästä lomamoodiin!

Even though our vacation still continues here on Costa del Sol, it’s time to go back to Paris, at least for a little while. There’s still lots of unpublished photographs shot in the city of lights that I’m planning to share with you guys. Here’s just a small fraction of the  Paris photos I have in reserve. I hope you tell me in advance, if there’s a risk of you getting bored in all my flower photos. In this case, I’ll try to change my habits and make sure that in the future there’s something else than just roses and peonies on my memory card. Now it’s time to put on a bikini, apply some SPF on the skin and head to the beach for some intense but safe tanning. I’m so happy that slowly but surely I’m starting to get my holiday mood on!

Neeltje | Thoughts in Style 15:11 July 14, 2015 Reply
Such beautiful photos! http://www.thoughtsinstyle.com/
    arcticvanilla 20:31 July 15, 2015 Reply
    Thank you, Neeltje! ♥
Lorena 15:24 July 14, 2015 Reply
I love Paris and these pics are amazing. kisses http://girlswearblack.blogspot.com.es
    arcticvanilla 20:31 July 15, 2015 Reply
    I share your love of Paree, Lorena! Thank you for leaving a comment.
Sofia 00:52 July 15, 2015 Reply
lovely photos!
    arcticvanilla 20:30 July 15, 2015 Reply
    Thank you sweetie!
Falasha 08:40 July 15, 2015 Reply
Love photos of Paris, the all white look is stunning. xx Falasha Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'
    arcticvanilla 20:30 July 15, 2015 Reply
    One doesn't even have be that good of a photographer to take pretty photos in Paris ;) Thank you anyway, Falasha!

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