Tag: Skull

Generally speaking, skulls are not part of my day-to-day style. But as I spotted this rosegold pendant in Bik Bok store the other day, I had to make an exception to the rule. In my opinion, that rosegold colour and the miniskull form such a cute and interesting combination, and I had no choice but to carry the necklace to the cashier. Decided to start the week off with this quick update, tomorrow I'll return with another outfit-related post that's a bit longer, I promise! Yleisesti ottaen pääkallot eivät kuulu tyyliini. Kuitenkin bongattuani Bik Bokin koruhyllyllä tämän ruusukultaisen riipuksen jouduin tekemään sääntöön poikkeuksen. Kaulakor ...