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Approximately one week ago, I spent my Sunday morning in central Finland in Jyväskylä where my friend Anna lives. Me and my two friends had arrived at Anna’s place Saturday afternoon and we were planning on spending the day eating delicious food, drinking wine and simply enjoying each other’s company. Us girls have known each other for 20 years already (we had planned throwing a party to celebrate the achievement but somehow all the other plans relating to work etc. got in the way). Anna has such a gorgeous apartment that, when arriving at their place, it actually took a while taking in the all the beauty. The colour scheme of their home is m ...
Yesterday was an extra special day for me as I got to kick off the morning playing. My 1-year-old godson learns so many new things in such a short time, and the things that us adults take for granted are especially exciting for him. It wasn't just one or two times that I was forced to join in the laughter as his giggling laugh was so genuine and precious. Eilen oli erityisen mukava päivä, kun sain aloittaa aamun leikkien. 1-vuotias kummipoikani oppii pienessä ajassa paljon, ja asiat, joita me aikuiset pidämme itsestäänselvinä, ovat pienen mielestä jännittäviä. Ei ollut yksi tai kaksi kertaa, kun minun oli pakko yhtyä kummipojan suloisen vilp ...
So, finally we get to continue our Paris travel diary. This time, I've chosen these L'adurée photos to beautify this post. For our first night in Paris, we had chosen Semilla restaurant, situated in Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, as our go-to dinner place. If you find yourself in Paris and in need of an excellent restaurant, the exact adress is 54 rue de Seine. Semilla turned out to be a place we can unconditionally recommend! The food is cooked with Spanish influences and served with such kindness that I'd love to visit the place again as soon as possible. No niin, nyt pääsemme vihdoin jatkamaan Pariisin matkapäiväkirjaa, tällä kertaa L'aduré ...
When travelling France, feasting on some macarons seems obligatory. Even I was hesistant about missing this opportunity (when have I ever said no to a little sugary treat) and, in the end, I found myself dragging some of these cute L'adurée boxes home. Ranskaan matkaavalla macaroneilla herkuttelu on yksi must-jutuista, josta en itsekään Etelä-Ranskan kiertueellamme halunnut jäädä paitsi. Pieni määrä pikkuhyviä tuli roudattua Nizzan lentokentältä Suomeen asti, ja osa herkkutuliaisista päätyikin eräälle ystävälleni lahjaksi (toivottavasti macaronit maistuivat, Sonja!).  Some of the macarons I brought back from Nice ended up as a gift to a s ...